Gear availability

Currently we are offering gear for use of members for a period of 2 weeks at a time. If required for longer period, just write us a email.


Event Discounts

Slackline India members get discounts on tickets to Slackline India collaborated events like thegihg and Between years slack festival. 

Discount with partner store

We currently have partnered with Slackmitra and Slacklife inc a local slackline gear company, members can enjoy higher discount vouchers with partnered organization. More to come soon!

slackmitra gear.PNG

Free or Reduced Training Workshops

Slackline India members get free access to our Highline Rigging and Training Program along with free or discounted access to other Slackline India and partnership training's.  

Prioritized Support

Slackline India members get prioritized one-on-one support for slackline related questions and issues (i.e. access or knowledge issues). While non-members get one-on-one support for questions, member issues are fast tracked and answered within two to three business days.

More Benefits Coming Soon!