Slackline India Association is a sports association that was established to meet the emerging needs and eliminate scantiness related to the development of slackline sports in our country.


The primary focus of Slackline India is to gain global recognition in slackline practices. We do this by assisting with getting permissions near your area, consolidating gear and share rigging knowledge also provide rigging educational resources for schools and individuals, promoting Leave No Trace ethics, publishing guidelines, coordinating efforts of local groups and providing organizational support, developing outreach programs, and connecting with the International Slackline Association.


Slackline India is a non-profit organization with the current board consists of : 

Board of Directors:
Sumanth D, – President
Anirudh Javgal – Vice President
Saurabh Sanjay Ketkar – Board Member

Wassim Abbas- Board Member


Board Members

Samar Farooqui

Dr. Mel batson

Organization Documents:


Registered Name: Slackline India
Registration No : DRB-2/SOR/147/2019-20

Registered office: 67/2, basavanagudi, Bangalore-560004